Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Christians to walk Bersih 4.0, the small bullying the big

Please keep an eye out on how the Christians, particularly evangelistas, are moving the Bersih 4.0 street protest. Columnist KJ John – below – urges Malaysiakini readers that Aug 29-30 is the “time to walk”.
Yup, it’s the Starbucks latte sippers and assorted CREEPY crawlies who are going to walk this time around. Note to the navel-gazing keyboard warriors tapping away in their Bangsar bubble comfort zone: Do remember that cultivating this culture of street demos may open the door to Malaysia’s own Arab Spring, yah. Be careful what you wish for.

And below is KJ John with the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF)’s Rev. Wong Kim Kong and the DAP evangelistas. KJ John is an evangelical activist.
Another evangelical activist is Rama Ramanathan. Today – yet again – Rama expounded on the strategies of Bersih in his TMI column.Four days ago (Aug 9), he promoted Bersih 4.0 in his column in The Ant Daily that “street protests have merits too”. Like I’ve been saying, these evangelistas all but control the voices of public opinion in the English-language media.
Rama Ramanathan

Extremely prejudiced and angry people taking to the streets

A few days before that (Aug 5), Rama was published in TMI saying Bersih 4.0 is “a rally of the people … [where] we can vote with our feet for integrity and institutional reform in our nation”.
Separately, writing in support for the Christian-friendly New Hopers, Rama said, “The goal of state-sponsored Islam and PAS-sponsored Islam in Malaysia appears more aligned to repression of the population a la Saudi Arabia…”. He also revealed that “most” – in his circle of friends, obviously – consider PAS to be “Islamist” and Umno “racist” – see ‘My hopes for Gerakan Harapan Baru‘ (TMI, 30 July 2015).
BELOW: Rama standing behind Bersih chairman Maria Chin Abdullah and Toh Kin Woon
Bersih 4

And here are Christians/Chinese publicly plugging Bersih

And of course there are Hannah & the New Hopers who have promised to help mobilize a turnout for Bersih 4.0 in the absence of traditional organizers PAS.
New Hope montage

Mereka ada di merata-rata … sungguh merimaskan

For a population of “only 9 percent”, the presence of the Christians sure is being felt everywhere.
It’s not true that a minority can’t dominate a majority, you know. If the rich and powerful minority is super sneaky of top of being uber aggressive, then of course they can.
BELOW: Bersih activists (from left) Lawyer-for-Liberty Michelle Yesudas, loyar burok S. Ambiga, “barely a lawyer” Adrian Lim Chee En, Mohd Faddhli Abdul Jaid and Maria.
Bersih Adrian

Christian supremacists conquer vast lands

Portugal, a small Christian country, once conquered faraway Malacca with only a few ships.
The Netherlands, a small Christian country, colonized Indonesia, a sprawling archipelago.
Britain, a Christian country not all that ‘Great’ in size (the whole UK can fit into North America’s Great Lakes), ruled over the Indian sub-continent and had an empire spanning the globe.
Christian country Spain commanded an overseas empire too.
Christian country Germany had colonial possessions in Ghana, Mauritania and Benin.
Christian country Italy colonized Libya, a country almost six times bigger than itself.
Christian country France ruled over North Africa and still has territories in the Caribbean – Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, among other islands in the West Indies, were former French colonies. France also conquered north and west Africa. Compare the humongous size of the areas previously under French domination with the actual size of France.
Belgium Congo
Even the very small Christian country Belgium maintained colonies in Africa – Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. See map above. Christian Europeans subdued China by making the Chinese addicted to opium. (The DAP evangelistas have subdued the Jerusubang Chinese by making them addicted to J-Juice.)
The weakened and debilitated China was famously said to have been “carved up like a melon” by the Christian powers. (No wonder China is today still so freaked out by her own emerging evangelistas.)

The moral of our history lesson is that “size does not matter” where bullying is concerned. The Christian supremacists are very aggressive conquistadors who have been bullying the natives everywhere in the world for the last half a millennia. I hope the Malays realise by now that the onset of anarchy will lead to the unravelling of their special “privileges”. On our home front, Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid has been getting flak daily from Malaysian Christians for his statement four days ago (Aug 9) that foreign Christians are pushing an agenda to destabilize Malaysia in the vein of how Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and other Muslim countries are presently thrown into turmoil. The Malaysian Church is demanding an apology from Mahdzir while some Christians have asked for him to be sacked from the cabinet. I’m waiting for Perkasa to come out in support of their new-found evangelical sweethearts on this issue. Cat got your tongue, Ibrahim Ali?

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